Below is a repository of the open source projects our students have written over the years. You’re welcome to download any of them for your use.

You can also contribute code as a developer, provide feedback as an end user, or even suggest new projects for our students to develop at future events. Contact us and let us know what interests you.

Featured Project: Lunar Tabs

Lunar Tabs is a guitar tab reader built from the ground up to be designed with accessibility in mind. Lunar Tabs takes as input an electronic guitar tab in a well- structured format and generates a sequence of text instructions for playing the piece that are then fed into a user’s screen reader. A person who is blind could use Lunar Tabs to learn any song they wanted by harnessing the giant tab libraries online.

Lunar Tabs is now available for download for your Android device! To find out more about the included features and learn to use the app, check out the User Manual.

If you don’t have an Android device, download the free Desktop version instead. The source code and APK for the Android device can be found here.

Learn more about Lunar Tabs from its principal developer

Read the research paper describing its design at the Journal of Technology and Persons with Disabilities

Most Downloaded Projects

  • LunarTabs – Lunar Tabs converts electronic guitar tabs to a screen-reader friendly format.
  • LunarTuner – An accessible music instrument tuner.
  • Orb Binary Input Game – A video game that requires only a binary input to play.
  • Orbit Binary Input Game – A video game that requires only a binary input to play.
  • Word Predictor – Allow users with limited mobility to be able to more accurately and quickly input text into a computer.


  • Accessible Flash Cards – A multi-platform flashcard solution for persons with cognitive/learning disabilities
  • Power Reader – A text reader and learning tool for the dyslexic.
  • Web-Based Social Stories – A Social Stories Template Creator Website for Teachers to help children with Autism

Intelligent Input



Video Game

  • Accessible Kinect Game – Kinect-based game playable by person with a disability
  • Accessible Mobile Chess – A chess game playable on a mobile phone by a person with a visual disability
  • Accessible Sudoku – Web-based Sudoku game accessible by desktop screen-reader
  • Audio-Based Game – A mobile device application that is a game playable by persons with an auditory or a vision disabilities.
  • Haptic Mobile Game – Accessible mobile game that utilizes phone’s haptic capability as game mechanic