Accessible Mobile Chess


Chess is a popular past-time for many. With the rise of mobile chess games such as “Chess with Friends”, playing against opponents not in your vicinity has never been easier.  The goal of this project is to extend mobile chess games to be playable with screen-reader support.

The goal of this project is to build an accessible chess game playable by two people on two separate mobile phones. The chess-game should be screen-reader friendly, though it should also be played by a person with no visual impairment. The game should be playable by any combination of persons with or without visual disabilities. An existing accessible chess program, Winboard ( may be used as the launching point for the project.   


Team 1 Version:

  • Preston Chan
  • Dony George
  • Glen Takahashi
  • Yi Yoon
  • Esther Tse


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New BSD License




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Team 1 Version