Binary Input for GNOME Caribou


The Binary Input for GNOME Caribou (BIFGC) (orDouble Dragons) project is intended to combine binary input interface with a morse code functionality. Unlike a usual On-screen keyboard where a user is expected to mouse over the keys and click them, BIFGC allows a user to type all 26 alphabetic characters, numbers 0-9, punctuation marks and even allows for caps lock, character deletion and newline insertion with the use of only two keys. It accomplishes this by allowing the user to instead input dots (·) and dashes (—) as one would in morse code, except with two specified dot and dash buttons. The user is able to select and type their specified key after they are finished "signaling" by simultaneously pressing both buttons. The user is further helped with the visual aid of a simplified morse-code decision tree as shown here, as well as a color-coded keyboard that informs the user of whether a dot or a dash is required to eventually get to a certain character.


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  • John Kim
  • Justein Lei
  • Matthew Michihara
  • James Myoung
  • Benjamin Walker
  • Michael Wei

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