AxsJAX for Wikipedia (and others)


Please be sure to visit the Google AxsJAX homepage for all the details about the AxsJAX project, how it works, and how to make use of AxsJAX scripts.

What is AxsJAX? From the AxsJAX Home Page: AJAX techniques have helped Web developers create live applications within Web browsers. The AxsJAX framework helps inject accessibility features into these applications so that users of adaptive technologies such as screen readers and self-voicing browsers experience the same level of interactivity that is now taken for granted by users of Web 2.0 applications.

Project:Possibility is authoring a growing collection of AxsJAX scripts which will inject accessibility features into websites which did not previously exist. Currently, we have created scripts for Facebook, Wikipedia and Web Sudoku


Please see the user manuals for a complete list of features:

Current Issues

  • Bugs in Wikipedia script prevents access to all article content.

Future Plans

  • Fix Wikipedia script bugs
  • Create AxsJAX scripts for other popular websites



New SS12 Team:

  • Brian D’Souza (Mentor)
  • Alvin Huynh
  • Carson Tang
  • Nima Rahnemoon
  • Rajiv Makhijani
  • Tim Hsieh

Original SS12 Team:

  • Kushal Bhatt
  • Prashanth Pandian
  • Gurmeet Singh
  • Arvind Venkataraman

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Project Notes

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Facebook Scripts (Coming Soon!)

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Sudoku Scripts
User Manual:
Facebook User Guide
Wikipedia User Guide
Sudoku User Guide
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