Audio Preview for Concert Venues


Some online ticket vendors and venue organizers provide view simulations of event venues. These approximations are provided to help potential customers determine which location in the venue they would like to buy a ticket for. However, such visual simulations are unusable and of no benefit to a person with a vision disability.

A person with a vision disability could benefit from audio simulations of the various locations in a venue. As well such a system could be combined with the visual simulations to provide a robust approximation of locations in a venue.


  1. Ability to model concert venue
  2. Simulates audio for a variety of locations in the venue
  3. An accessible user interface where locations in the venue can be selected
  4. Apploes acoustic models to audio that approximate the experience of that location in the venue
  5. Provides multiple types of audio, such as:

    1. Varieties of Music
    2. Spoken Word/Speech
    3. Movie Trailer


  • Team 1 Version

    • Arun Vishwanathan
    • Karthik Ananth
    • Vivek Desikan
  • Team 2 Version

    • Andrew Ybarra
    • Brehon Humphrey
    • Kyle Mylonakis
    • Jonathan Sun
    • Stefan Ryan Tenorio
    • Zachary Boehm

Video Demonstration

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New BSD License




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Google Code Repository (Team 1 Version)

Google Code Repository (Team 2 Version)