GPS Child Tracker


Often the goal of a parent or care-taker of a child with special needs is for their child to become more independent. This may manifest as something as trivial to us as walking to class unsupervised. This is not so trivial for the parent or care-taker who is concerned about the well-being of their child.

It is possible that a parent or care-taker would gain some peace of mind if they could remotely monitor the progress of their child on their journey. The child would be equipped with a mobile phone that reports its location to a website monitored by the parent or care-taker.


  1. A mobile application on the child's phone to track the child using GPS
  2. A website that records the location data provided by the mobile phone
  3. The ability for the user to define alerts for destinations, routes, and loitering
  4. If a destination is not reached by a certain time the user is notified on the webpage (SMS optional)
  5. If a route is deviated from the user is notified on the webpage (SMS optional)
  6. If location doesn’t change for set amount of time the user is notified on the webpage (SMS optional)


See Google Code repository.

Source Code

Google Code Repository (Team 1 Version)

Google Code Repository (Team 2 Version)

Google Code Repository (Team 3 Version)


  • Version 1 Team

    • Adarsh Shetty
    • Naveen Nanjunda Prassad
    • Vishak Nag Ashoka
    • Suraj Chowbene
    • Venkata Nikhil Aitharaju
  • Version 2 Team

    • Andrew Erridge
    • Cameron McClees
    • Keith DeRuiter
    • Michael Eisel
  • Version 3 Team

    • Mentor: Kenneth Evensen
    • Kamron Javaherpour
    • Jeffrey Lassen
    • KyungBum Lee
    • Parth Patel
    • Anan Mallik

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New BSD License