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The aim of this project is to make the Twitter Social Networking site accessible to the disabled and more so for the blind community. The project is being developed as part of the Project Possibility SS12 Endeavor.

Google has already come out with an excellent API called the AxsJAX. So instead of reinventing the wheel, we decided to make use of this API which proved to be a very rewarding and pleasurable experience. Of course, we also needed other tools such as greasemonkey(script injector) and FireVox(TTS Engine). So using keyboard strokes, a blind person is able to have a pleasant experience while using Twitter. 

Future Plans

There is a lot of possible future work for this project. Since twitter offers a lot number of facilities, given the time and the learning curve needed in assimilating this new technology, we were not able to implement each and every aspect associated to Twitter. So we plan to add additional features in the future. Also twitter should come out with a better JavaScript API in some time. Using API calls should certainly make the entire process of communicating and getting information easier.


Writing AxsJAX Scripts



  • Nishit Chokhawala
  • Nikhil Mohan
  • Ranjanabh Bahukhandi
  • Vinay Tambve

Video Demonstration

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New BSD License


Firefox Web Browser


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