Sign Language Recognizer


A sign language is a language which, instead of acoustically conveyed sound patterns,uses visually transmitted sign patterns to fluidly express a speaker's thoughts. With recent advances in Computer Vision, Sign Language Recognition offers great potential as a unique form of interaction between computer and a human user. This project is an effort to build an assistive tool to make computers more accessible to people.


  • Maintaining database of features ( synching features).
  • Training / Incremental.
  • Framework to add Multiple Techniques / Voting / Support.
  • Well Documented/Structured to encourage Open Source Development


See Google Code Repository

User Manual

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Source Code

Google Code Repository

Current Issues

  • Hardware/ Software Compatibility Issues
  • Illuminance Changes in real-time stream input.
  • 2-D transformations/calculation on inherently 3-D objects.
  • Non availability of robust open source implementation of ML Techniques.
  • Gesture Recognition in real-time is hard !!

Future Plans

  • All type of gesture recognition, esp, moving gestures. – Difficult
  • Combinations of Facial & Hand Expressions. – Moderately Difficult.
  • Our system in current form can be adapted to it, with appropriate dataset.
  • Using sign language as shortcuts to various applications & functionality. – Very Easy!
  • Integrate with Mobile Devices to help disabled to communicate in normal/emergency situations. – Easy but very relevant.


  • Marank Misra
  • Ankit Sharma
  • Anurag Biyani
  • Parth Patel
  • Umang Jain
  • Prakhar Garg
  • Nishkam Agrawal

Project Notes

Project Status:



New BSD License