Mobile Bus Route Tracker


Persons with a vision disability often require assistance when utilizing mass-transit. Without the ability to identify landmarks or read information displays, a person with a vision disability must rely on announcements from an operator or fellow commuter. If such an announcement is missed or not made this person may miss their stop.

Fortunately many mobile devices are now equipped with GPS/location approximation and high-speed internet access. These two technologies are combined to create a solution to this problem. This mobile application retrieves mass-transit route data and utilizes the device’s GPS to determine the riders distance to final destination. As the destination approaches the application notifies the rider.


  1. Convenient way for rider to select destination
  2. Tracks rider’s distance to destination
  3. Announces when destination is approaching and has arrived.


See Google Code repository.

Source Code

Google Code Repository (Team 1 Version)

Google Code Repository (Team 2 Version)


  • Team 1 Version

    • Nilay Khandelwal
    • Ankit Sharma
  • Team 2 Version

    • Mentor: Brian Meadows
    • Christopher Gutierrez
    • Mani Heravi
    • Ivan Ivakhniouk
    • Bart Kowalski
    • Paul Thomas

Concept Provided by

Mark Sakata

Project Notes

Project Status:



New BSD License