Map Search – Wheelchair Ramps and Accessible Parking Spots


Our innovation seeks to provide an essential service by creating a free, open source solution that can be intuitively accessed by all. Based off of the Google Mapplet, the user will be able to effortlessly search destinations by either address or zip code, and locate the services dedicated for them in the nearby area� namely wheelchair ramps and parking spots. And being open source means anyone can add to the database and expand it to create an up-to-date map made by and for the people.


Users are able to search for handicapped accessible facilities by typing in an address or zip code and/or a category for the search. Then the database is called to search for the applicable data to display onto the map.

At the same time, users can enter information by clicking on the map and entering the info the the corresponding fields. Then the data is stored in the database for future use.


  • Ojas Mulay (Mentor)
  • Jonathan Garcia
  • Steve Feng
  • Frank Yu
  • Terry Huang
  • Victor Zhu
  • Xinya Guo
  • Concept Provided by

    Gail Murray

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