Accessible Flash Cards


Flashcards are incredibly useful study aids. For persons with cognitive and/or learning disabilities flashcards are practically a necessity. Some digital flash card solutions exist, but are platform specific and have limited capabilities.

A web-based flashcard solution could be accessible on multiple platforms and could support math and other complex equations. This would be quite beneficial to a person with a cognitive or learning disability. For example a user could create a set of flashcards of mathematic equations conveniently on their computer. The user can then access and edit the flash cards from their mobile device, eliminating the need for physical cards.


  1. Create, modify, and delete flashcards
  2. Edit front and back of flashcards
  3. Support standard text and math equations
  4. Make as web app that is compatible with mobile devices.
  5. Be accessible to assistive technology

    1. Time permitting, make self-voicing (text-to-speech)

Source Code


  • Team 1 Version

    • Mesrob Kyurkchan (Lead)
    • David Brotz
    • Christopher Cederstrom
    • Barack Karavani
    • Hung Quoc Nguyen
    • Victor Perez
  • Team 2 Version

    • Mike Matuzak (Lead)
    • Maunesh Ahir
    • Sydney Dixon
    • Norvan Gorgi
    • Kevin Moore
    • Argishti Rostamian


Project Notes

Project Status



New BSD License