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Here is a repository of the open source projects our students have written over the years. All are free for you to download and use.

If you would like to help make any of these projects better, contact us and let us know what interests you.

You can contribute code as a developer, provide feedback as an end user, or suggest new projects for our students to develop at future events.

Most Downloaded Projects


Lunar Tabs converts electronic guitar tabs to a screen-reader friendly format.


An accessible music instrument tuner.

Orb Binary Input Game

A video game that requires only a binary input to play.

Orbit Binary Input Game

A video game that requires only a binary input to play.

Word Predictor

Allow users with limited mobility to be able to more accurately and quickly input text into a computer.


Accessible Flash Cards

A multi-platform flashcard solution for persons with cognitive/learning disabilities

Power Reader

A text reader and learning tool for the dyslexic.

Web-Based Social Stories

A Social Stories Template Creator Website for Teachers to help children with Autism

Intelligent Input

Binary input for GNOME Caribou

Caribou is a text entry and UI navigation application being developed as an alternative to the GNOME On-screen Keyboard.

Sign Language Recognizer

Translates sign language into text in real time.



A mobile sounds notifier for persons with hearing impairments.

Barcode Reader

A mobile barcode reader

Color Reader

A project to help colorblind persons identify colors.

Color Reader for iPhone

A project to help colorblind persons identify colors using an iPhone.

GPS-Based Child Tracker for Mobile Phone

A mobile/website integrated solution that allows a parent to track a child carrying a mobile phone.

Mobile Bus Route Tracker

A mobile app that uses GPS and mass-transit route data to notify the user their stop is approaching.

Mobile Currency Reader

A mobile application that recognizes various forms of currency.

Mobile Currency Reader for Android

An application designed for Android OS that recognizes various forms of currency using.

Mobile Map Magnifier

Map magnifier for person with visual disability


Accessible Music Streaming

Accessible Interface for popular music streaming services

Audio Preview for Venues

A website that simulates the listening experience from various locations in a concert venue.

Video Game

Accessible Kinect Game

Kinect-based game playable by person with a disability

Accessible Mobile Chess

A chess game playable on a mobile phone by a person with a visual disability

Accessible Sudoku

Web-based Sudoku game accessible by desktop screen-reader

Audio-Based Game

A mobile device application that is a game playable by persons with an auditory or a vision disabilities.

Haptic Mobile Game

Accessible mobile game that utilizes phone’s haptic capability as game mechanic


Project: AWE (Accessibility Web Extension)

An accessibility firefox extension.

Accessible Facebook

A project to make Facebook more accessible to those using a screen reader.

Accessible Twitter Client

A Twitter client that is accessible to those with vision impairment.

AxsJAX Scripts

Inject standards-compliant accessibility into web pages. Currently includes scripts for Facebook, Wikipedia and Web Sudoku.

Community Captioner

An open source, community-driven online video closed captioning tool


A community driven google mapplet to annotate addresses with accessibility information.

Multi-IM Client

A web based accessible multi-IM client


An accessible website builder that builds accessible websites.